Printed graphics for your race car and support vehicles

Your Race Car Graphics need to represent your business and it’s sponsors. Ensuring your business stands out on the track will not only catch the eye of spectators, but also potential sponsors.

Whether you are looking for some simple graphics for your race car or a full wrap, we have the knowledge and expertise to make your vehicle stand out from the rest. We can support your project from start to finishing including any support vehicles and trailers.

Creating race car graphics involves a blend of design principles, technical skills, and an understanding of the racing culture. Here are some steps and tips to create appealing race car graphics:

Steps to Create Race Car Graphics

Research: Look into different race car graphics for inspiration. Pay attention to colour schemes, patterns, and themes used by various racing teams.
Theme Selection: Decide on a theme that aligns with the car’s purpose, sponsor branding, or the driver’s personality.

Software Selection: Use graphic design software like Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW, or specialised vehicle wrap design software.
Template Use: Obtain a high-quality template of the car model. This ensures the design fits perfectly on the car’s surface.
Sketching: Start with rough sketches to layout your ideas. Focus on key areas like the hood, sides, roof, and rear of the car.

Graphic Elements:
Colours: Choose vibrant colors that stand out. Make sure the colors match or complement the sponsor’s logos.
Logos and Branding: Place sponsor logos strategically to ensure visibility. Ensure logos are in vector format for scalability.
Patterns and Shapes: Incorporate stripes, flames, geometric shapes, or other dynamic patterns that convey speed and energy.
Text: Add necessary text like the car number, driver’s name, and sponsor taglines. Use bold and readable fonts.

Finalizing the Design:
Mockup: Create a mockup of the car with the graphics applied. This helps visualize the final outcome and make necessary adjustments.
Proofing: Double-check all elements for accuracy, alignment, and quality. Ensure all sponsor requirements are met.
Approval: Get approval from stakeholders (sponsors, racing team, driver) before proceeding to production.

Production and Application:
Print: Use high-quality vinyl wraps for printing the design. Ensure the printing service can handle large-format prints.
Installation: Hire professionals to apply the wrap to the car to avoid bubbles, wrinkles, and misalignment.

Tips for Effective Race Car Graphics

High Contrast: Ensure there is a high contrast between the car’s base color and the graphics to make the design stand out.
Flow with the Car’s Shape: Design elements should flow with the car’s contours to enhance the aerodynamic feel.
Visibility: Ensure that key information (e.g., car number, main sponsor) is visible from a distance.
Durability: Use materials and designs that can withstand harsh racing conditions (e.g., high speed, weather elements).
Innovation: Stay updated with the latest design trends and incorporate innovative elements to make the car unique.

Example Graphics Elements

Color Palette:
Primary Colors: Red, Blue, Yellow, Black
Accent Colors: White, Silver, Neon Green
Pattern Examples:
Flames: Classic for speed and aggression.
Stripes: Simple yet effective for dynamic motion.
Geometric Shapes: Modern and edgy.
Font Choices:
Bold Sans-Serif: Impact, Helvetica Bold
Racing-Inspired: Nascar Font, Racecar Graphics Font

Tools and Resources

Graphic Design Software: Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW
Vehicle Wrap Design Software: FlexiSIGN, Corel Vehicle Graphics
Templates and Mockups: Placeit, Smart Templates for Vehicles
Printing Services: 3M, Avery Dennison, Oracal

Creating race car graphics is a rewarding process that combines creativity with technical expertise, ensuring that the final product not only looks great but also represents the sponsors and team effectively on the race track.

All vinyl’s used should have a 7 – 10 year life to ensure your vehicles look fresh and vibrant for the duration of their life. For some of our repeat customers, the graphics have outlived the vans!

Vehicle wraps are available but not limited to the following:

  • Race, rally & track cars
  • Van graphics
  • Motorbike fairings
  • Plane & boat names / sponsors
  • Horse trailer revamps
  • Bus rears with one way vision
  • Dechrome car trims

Using only the best materials from 3M and Metamark, you can rest assured your graphics will last for years.

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