Broadland Digital has recently installed large laser cutting equipment as well as engravers. Enabling cutting of an array of materials, we often produce bespoke shaped exterior signs, cut acrylic letters for use on 3d sign panels and engrave promotional merchandise such as phone chargers or even wedding gifts!CNC cutting is perfect for rough materials such as rigid foam and aluminium composite, commonly used for logos and building signs but we also utilise a laser cutter purely for cutting acrylics. Giving a glass-like finish, the edge of the cut material is perfectly smooth and highly polished, giving a far more premium look and feel. So depending on the material, the heigh of install, and level of detail within the cut, we are able to cater for all options. Laser cutting are not just restricted to signage; with an array of off-the-shelf medias now being produced, we can even offer marketing items to make you stand out from the competition. Now offering engraved aluminium business cards, one of jigsaws and even scorching intricate graphics onto wooden gifts, there are plenty of options available.

Many materials can be laser cut including plastics and metals from a wide range of suppliers. If you are looking for bespoke surfaces let us know and we can look at options from suppliers including Amari Plastics.

Services offered:

  • CNC cut to shape boards for logos and tray signs
  • CNC foamex for interior letters and widgets
  • Laser cut acrylic
  • Laser engraved glasses
  • Etched wooden coasters or gift boxes
  • Engraved coated aluminium
  • Low run, die cut papers
  • Laser cutting reflective / Chapter 8 reflective kitsIf you do not have the file you need in the correct format for high quality print or cutting, we can normally recreate files within our graphic design department. Why not call us to discuss your needs.

Laser Cutting Exterior Signage Interior Signage