The Ultra liquid wrapping finish is the best finish of them all. Visually than OEM, a PRO finish. We remove parts including mirrors, handles, lights, trim etc for a longer lasting wrap finish. The finish is fuel and chemical resistant. Gloss is scratch resistant, but (not scratch proof). The wrap is then fully flat and mopped to give a show shine, better than OEM finish by far.

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Ultra Liquid Wrapping comprises of: A fully prepared vehicle, including the removal of parts and trims. Sprayed in the colour of your choice. This includes a better than OEM finish which is completely flat and mopped for that ultra look. Vehicle size types: Astra, VW Caddy, Focus, BMW 3 Series

Q1) Does a liquid Wrap damage my existing paintwork?

No, it will peel off and leave the original paintwork in its orginal condition

Q2) How long does it last?

Generally 3 - 5 years if maintained correctly